My ❝ Holy Colours, Batman! ❞ photoshop action has surpassed 3300 downloads. That’s insan(ly awesome)!

❝ Could you do a photoshop tutorial for the border? I know you have the one for gimp, but I can't quite figure out how it transfers to ps :/ Thank you so much for all of the tutorials, as a new simblr they have helped me sooo much and I cringe everytime I look at my old photos without the knowledge you have gave me!

Well first of all, I’m glad this blog has proved useful for you! Secondly, I think you may find this very handy (and far better explained than anything I could do photoshop tutorial wise).

❝ That was super fun! I got lots of new goodies. :3


I’m glad you had fun! :D



originally going to be cursed onto an abandoned island for the rest of her days, Poppy somehow - miraculously, even - escaped (it could have had something to do with a passing cruise ship, but who can really be sure). Now she’s looking for an adventurous life somewhere, preferably with a lack of certain mystics who may get annoyed by her clumsy ways. 

traits: adventurous, clumsy, friendly, genius, hopeless romantic

content: default skin // default eyes // showtime hair // 70s, 80s & 90s stuff outfit // makeup: x x x x // sliders were used, but she shouldn’t look drastically different in your game if you don’t have them.

tou: feel free to change her hairstyle, genetics etc. but please don’t use her as base for other sims or re-upload as your own. And if you happen to take pictures please tag me (either bitsandpixelbobs or ohevers) so I can see! :3

 DOWNLOAD. (.sim file, will need to go in your saved sims folder)



You should definitely check them out!

THE CHALLENGE. should you choose to accept it: build and fully decorate a room, any room you like, using colours from one of these palettes.


ENTRIES. must include:

PRIZES. will be awarded to all participants, as this should be viewed as a challenge rather than a competition. A download for all will be posted at bitsandpixelbobs and each participant may choose one of the following as a bonus:


Feel free to send me a message if you have any questions, and most importantly have fun!

+ | overall | TH.